Ciao! We are Baci!

Baci is a recently established small company with a staff of three and a half members.
The “half” member is my two-year-old daughter and she is in charge of tasting. We are always thrilled and excited to know if she is satisfied with the taste.
I recognized the importance of food all over again when some of my family members had health problems.
Baci deals in selected food that is gentle to your body. We mainly select organic foods from all over the world including Japan with the lowest level of additives that both adults and children can consume safely.
They are all made from carefully selected ingredients with a minimal amount of additives.
We provide you with organic foods certified according to strict standards and traditional foods from various regions in a stylish manner.
Our mission is to liaise between consumers and small but quality producers, and to raise social awareness about the right food. We strive to introduce tasty, healthy and enjoyable meals that are kind to your body and the Earth’s environment.
The meaning of Baci
Baci is the plural form of the Italian word bacio for kiss. So, baci means kisses.
They are exchanged between family members, friends and buddies, rather than between lovers, to show their affection and friendship to each other. It is the Italian way of greeting to give them on the cheek or to close letters with Tanti Baci (Many Kisses).
We are hoping for a world where all humans and the Earth are united with baci.

P.S. We are located betweeen Tokyo and Nagoya. Please come visit us in Shizuoka!
About Shizuoka Prefecture:
■Name:   Baci Co.,Ltd
■President:   Akira Fujita
■Office Address :   14-27-501 Aioicho,Aoi-Ku,Shizuoka,Shizuoka City,420-0838 Japan
■Telephone:   054 266 7822
■Fax:   054 266 7823
■Established:   july 2007
■Capital:   100,000 USD
■Employees:   2
■Activities:   importer and wholesaler of organic and natural food products
     from all over the world including Japan
:   premium super market stores. natural food stores. specialty stores of wines.
     organic cafe and restaurants. etc